certified diamonds

Certified Diamonds

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Certified diamonds from the GIA, AGS and HRD. Wholesale prices certified diamonds direct from internet jewelers. These same GIA AGS and HRD certified diamonds sell for a fraction of the retail jewelry store price. Even ethical Canadian diamonds are incredibly wholesale priced.
Canadian diamonds

Canadian Diamonds

In the frigid Arctic north in the discovery of the century, under the pristine snow. Canadian diamonds of incredible quality the world has never seen. Ethically mined and socially responsible diamonds

Canadian diamonds are a clean alternative to bloodshed conflict diamonds. The Canadian diamond certificate of origin guarantee the diamonds as Canadian. The two main Canadian diamond certificates are the CanadaMark and the Canadian Government of NWT certificate with the polar bear insignia

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CanadaMark Canadian Diamonds

CanadaMark Canadian diamonds certificateThe CanadaMark Canadian diamond certificate of origin is issued by the Ekati Canadian diamond mine. The Ekati diamond mine monitors the Canadian diamonds from rough crystals to final ideal polished diamond goods. CanadaMark diamonds are now know for their incredible quality. Some of the finest Canadian diamonds available are certified Canadian by the CanadaMark certificate of origin.

Canadian diamonds CanadaMark certificate

Canadian Diamonds GNWT Polar Bear Certificate

The Canadian diamond certificate from the government of the NWT certifies the Canadian diamonds are mined and cut in Canada. The Canadian diamond certificate includes a Gemprint along with the Canadian certificate number which is laser engraved on the diamonds girdle.

Canadian diamonds polar bear ensignia certificate

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