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Certified Diamonds

Certified diamonds all GIA and HRD certified direct from internet jeweller. These GIA HRD and AGS certified diamonds are all independently lab certified by the most reputable diamond grading labs. Such as the GIA (Gemological Institute of America, AGS (American Gem Society) and HRD (Diamond High Council). Buy these certified diamonds from a diamond broker and save thousands over retail.

WHOLESALE CERTIFIED DIAMONDS - the complete guide to certified diamonds

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AGS, GIA and HRD certified diamonds at a fraction of retail. Diamond brokers, diamond dealers and diamond wholesalers offer the same certified diamonds you'll find in high end jewelry stores for a fraction of the retail cost. Even wholesale Canadian diamonds direct from Canada's arctic diamond mines are available.

wholesale certified diamonds direct from cutters at below wholesale prices, expert advice from certified diamond graders working on your behalf to find a perfect diamond ring.
Diamond broker offering clients wholesale GIA and HRD certified diamonds, Canadian diamonds, custom platinum and gold diamond jewelry at wholesale prices.

AGS Certified wholesale Canadian diamonds - Socially and environmentally ethical Canadian diamonds

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